Services For Your Needs

We proudly offer a variety of services to meet your needs when looking for complete care for you child. Take a look below and feel free to contact us or check out our FAQ page if you have any questions.

Evaluation and Treatment of Acute Illnesses

Same day sick appointments are available.

Well Child Examinations

These appointments follow the schedule recommended by the AAP and are designed to address age-specific topics. You will be able to discuss your child’s growth and development and be given information pertaining to behavior, developmental milestones, safety, and nutrition. A complete physical exam and any necessary laboratory testing will be performed. Immunizations are also given according to the current schedule.


All recommended vaccines are available. We also participate in the state VFC (vaccines for children) program to provide immunizations to uninsured children for a minimal administration fee. Florida has a statewide computerized vaccine registry (Florida Shots) into which we enter all vaccines. Flu vaccines are available every fall.

Laboratory Testing 

Onsite testing is available for urinalysis, hemoglobin, pregnancy, glucose and rapid testing for strep, flu, mono, and RSV. Other laboratory tests are available at local commercial testing facilities.

Prenatal Visits 

We encourage expectant families to schedule prenatal visits with our providers for no charge.

Behavior and ADHD Evaluations

These lengthy appointments are used to evaluate behavior and school problems. Please bring report cards and copies of any school testing reports you may have.

Chronic Disease Management

Our board certified pediatricians are well trained in the management of chronic childhood illness such as asthma, diabetes, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, sickle cell disease, and ADHD to name a few. We work closely with pediatric sub-specialists to coordinate care in a medical home environment.